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    are for trade only. I am unable to trade item for item of the same value and
    pay for postage as I am then losing out. If you want to trade items I prefer
    trading for militaria from Southern Africa, as that is what most collectors
    contact me for, or for items I need in my own collection.


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    I am not geared up for Credit Card payments. PayPal has eventually allowed
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    All items are guaranteed original unless otherwise stated. If you are not
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    it and then return the same item for a refund.

    Contact me at


    James D.N. MacKenzie
    P.O. Box 1893
    South Africa

    I collect the following:
  • British General/Campaign Service Medals, badges, paratrooper wings
    and shoulder titles of the Special Air Service, Long Range Desert
    Group, Paratroopers and Commando's.
  • Rhodesian medals, badges and paratrooper wings of the Long Range Desert
    Group, Selous Scouts, Special Air Service and other paratroopers.
  • South African medals, badges and paratrooper wings of the Recces/Special
    Forces and paratroopers.
  • South African Navy cap badges and tallies.
  • Variations of the Fairbairn/Sykes fighting knives.

    Please use the following books for references in all categories of this list.
  • A = Badges and Insignia of the Rhodesian Security Forces 1890-1980 by A.J.Arniel
  • AB = Army Badges and Insignia of W.W.II by G.Rosignoli
  • AB1 = Army Badges and Insignia since 1945, book 1, by G.Rosignoli
  • AB2 = Army Badges and Insignia of W.W.II Book 2, by G.Rosignoli
  • AC = Army Commandos 1940-45 by M.Chappell
  • AE = Anzac Elite by C.Lord and J.Tennant
  • AF = Badges and Insignia of W.W.II, Air Force, Naval & Marine by G.Rosignoli, Air Force section
  • ASFI = Allied Special Forces Insignia 1939-48 by P.Taylor
  • AU1 = Army Uniforms of WWII by A.Mollo and M.McGregor
  • AU2 = Army Uniforms since 1945 by D.Smith and M.Chappell
  • B = Collector's Pictorial Book of Bayonets by F.J.Stephens
  • B2 = Bayonets, an Illustrated History, by M.J.Brayley
  • B&T = Parachute Badges and Insignia of the World by R.Bragg and R.Turner
  • B&T = Parachute Wings by R.Bragg and R.Turner
  • B8A = British 8th Army North Africa 1940-43 by R.Adair
  • BA = British Army 1965-80 by D.G.Smith
  • BACB = British Army Collar Badges by Churchill and Westlake
  • BACI = British Army Cloth Insignia by B.L.Davis
  • BAICB = History of the British Army Infantry Collar Badge by C.Churchill
  • BAUI = British Army Uniforms and Insignia of World War Two by Brian L.Davis
  • BBA = Badges of the British Army 1820-1960 by F.Wilkinson
  • BBI2 = British Battle Insignia (2): 1939-45 by M.Chappell
  • BMS = British Military Swords 1786-1912, The Regulation Patterns, by H.J.S.Withers
  • BS1 = The British Soldier Volume 1 by Jean Bouchery
  • BWU = Battlefield Weapons and Uniforms of WWII by F.Smits
  • C = Contact! by J.Lovett
  • C2 = Contact II by P.L.Moorcraft
  • CA = Canada's Army in World War II by F.R.Tripp
  • CAI = Canadian Airborne Insignia 1942 to Present by T.Clark and H.Pugh
  • CCC = Canteens, Cups and Covers of the U.S. Army by L.C.Scott
  • CO = Military Badges and Insignia of Southern Africa by C.R.Owen
  • DW1 = Starting Out, Collecting South African Militaria, by Dudley Wall, DW1 followed by
      the page number and then the badge number
  • DW2 = Insignia and History of the Rhodesian Armed Forces 1890-1980 by Dudley Wall
  • DW3 = Starting Out, Collecting British Insignia, by Dudley Wall
  • E = The Elite, Rhodesian Special Air Service by B.Cole
  • EP = The Elite Pictorial, Rhodesian Special Air Service by B.Cole
  • F = Forman's Guide to Third Reich German Awards, 1st Edition
  • FFLP = French Foreign Legion Paratroops by M.Windrow and W.Braby
  • FK = Fighting Knives by Frederick J.Stephens
  • GH = History of the German Helmet 1916-1945 by L.Baer
  • GI = Uniforms, Weapons and Equipment of the WWII G.I. by Sylvia & O'Donnell
  • HHC1 = Regimental Devices in South Africa 1783-1954, by
      H.H. Curson, have HHC1 followed by the page number then the badge number
  • HHC2 = More Military and Police Devices From South Africa 1790-1962,
      by H.H. Curson, HHC2 followed by page number and then the badge number
  • I = Israel Defence Forces Insignia, by M.Furlan
  • IA1 = The Italian Army 1940-45 (1), by P.S.Jowett
  • IA2 = The Italian Army 1940-45 (2), by P.S.Jowett
  • IA3 = The Italian Army 1940-45 (3), by P.S.Jowett
  • IA4 = The Italian Invasion of Abyssinia 1935-36, by D.Nicolle
  • IA5 = Uniformi e Distintivi Dell'Esercito Italiano 1933-1945, by Paolo Marzetti
  • K&K1 = Head-Dress Badges of the British Army Volume 1, by Kipling and King
  • MAW1 = Modern African Wars (1): Rhodesia 1965-80 by P.Abbott (Osprey)
  • MAW2 = Modern African Wars (2): Angola and Mozambique 1961-74 by P.Abbott (Osprey)
  • MAW3 = Modern African Wars (3): South West Africa by H-R.Heitman and P.Hannon (Osprey)
  • MC = Military Collectables by J.Lyndhurst, MC followed by page
      number and then the badge number, e.g. MC48/31, page 48, badge number 31
  • MI = Military Insignia, Wordsworth Handbook
  • MVSN = MVSN Storia, Organizzazione Uniformi e Distintivi, by Guido Rosignoli
  • N = Badges and Insignia of W.W.II, Air Force, Naval & Marine by G.Rosignoli, Naval section
  • NZ1 = New Zealand Army Distinguishing Patches 1911-1991 Part 1 by Thomas and Lord
  • NZ2 = New Zealand Army Distinguishing Patches 1911-1991 Part 2 by Thomas and Lord
  • RM39 = Royal Marines 1939-93 by N.van der Bijl and P.Hannon
  • RM56 = Royal Marines 1956-84 by W.Fowler and P.Hannon
  • RSI1 = R.S.I. Badges and Medals 1943-45 Volume 1, by Fausto Sparacino
  • RSI2 = R.S.I. Badges and Medals 1943-45 Volume 2, by Fausto Sparacino
  • S&D1 = Swords and Daggers by Eduard Wagner
  • S&D2 = Swords and Daggers by F.Wilkinson
  • SABW = South Africa's Border War 1966-1989 by Willem Steenkamp
  • SAWM = South African War Machine by Helmoed-Romer Heitman
  • SDC = A Collectors Guide to Swords, Daggers and Cutlasses by Gerald Weland
  • SEASF = South East Asian Special Forces by K.Conboy
  • SF = Special Forces Insignia by James G.Shortt
  • SOF = Uniforms of the Soldiers of Fortune by L.Thompson
  • SRB = Scottish Regimental Badges 1793-1971
  • SS = Selous Scouts Top Secret War by R.Reid Daly and P.Stiff
  • SSP = Selous Scouts Pictorial by P.Stiff
  • ST = Collecting Metal Shoulder Titles by Ray Westlake
  • STPA = Some Talk of Private Armies by L.Whittaker
  • SUB = A Guide to Submarine Insignia by A.Philips
  • SUB2 = Through the Periscope, South African Submarines: The First Thirty Years
  • US = U.S. Army Cloth Insignia 1941 to the Present by B.L.Davis
  • USMK = U.S. Military Knives, book III, by M.H.Cole
  • WB = World Bayonets 1800 to the Present, first edition, by A.Carter
  • WS = World Swords 1400-1945, by H.J.S.Withers
  • WSFI = World Special Forces Insignia by G.Rottman

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